SATURDAY, SEPT. 24, 1977

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* Rózsa is approached by unidentified fan as he enters the reception room after the concert. On the left: Mary Peatman, John Fitzpatrick, Mark Koldys. On the right: Vince Dorval.

* Rózsa, standing in the midst of his fans, sips from a drink (non-alcoholic).

* Rózsa talks to a couple of fans. Visible on left: Mary Peatman, Jeffrey Dane.

* Rózsa signs an autograph.

* Rózsa talks to Boris Brott, conductor of the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra (and advocate of Rózsa's music) and unidentified woman.

* Rózsa talks to Jeffrey Dane, who years later published a book of reminiscences of Rózsa.

* Rózsa talks to John Fitzpatrick and Mary Peatman of the Miklós Rózsa Society.

* Rózsa talks to Mary Peatman, John Fitzpatrick and Jeffrey Dane.

* John Fitzpatrick, Mike Quigley, Mary Peatman, Rózsa.

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